Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who will be my 100th Twitter follower?

I am writing a new essay.  It will accuse Barak Hussein Obama of being a traitor to the United States, a bigger public enemy than any person on the F.B.I.'s "Ten Most Wanted List".  This essay will include evidence of the crime.

This is a very serious matter.  The U.S. Constitution allows for certain government officials to be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors" by the U.S. House of Representatives and then convicted by the U.S. Senate.  Any government official, including the President of the United States, who is impeached and convicted, automatically loses his job.

The Constitution names two crimes explicitly that can be used to impeach and convict those government officials and thus remove them from their jobs.

Those two crimes are treason and bribery.

I have decided to hold a contest.  The winner will have 24-hour exclusive access to this essay.

The contest rules

Up until now, all the essays that I have written, for any of my four blogs, have been available to the eyes and ears of the general public.  For the first time ever, I will change this policy.

In order to be this person:
  1. you can not already be one of my Twitter followers
  2. you must be a subscriber to my "Conserving the Nation" blog, and
  3. when my Twitter account has 99 followers, you must be the first person who becomes a new follower.  You will be my 100th Twitter follower.

The prize

The winner will see my new essay about Presidential treason 24 hours before anyone else (with the possible exception of some Google administrators and the National Security Agency).

To enter this contest:

  1. subscribe to this blog, (there is no cost)
  2. if you haven't already, sign up for a Twitter account,
  3. study the number of followers on my Twitter account (@BennyTheKite)
  4. When I have 99 followers, become a new follower and send my Twitter account a tweet that names your Google ID.

The first new Twitter follower after that date wins this contest.  I will then publish my new essay, but I will only name one person's Google account as being eligible to read it - the person who became my 100th Twitter follower.

Twenty-four hours later, I will re-publish the essay and allow everybody to read it.

About me

I am the author of four blogs.  One subscription allows you to read everything I write on any of them.
  • Conserving the Nation (begun in June 2012) conservative politics and fiscally responsible economics
  • I have to say this (begun in July 2012) a variety of topics
  • The Deity Dialog (begun in September 2012) theology and other religious topics
  • Conserving the Mobile Nation (begun in December 2012) short essays designed for mobile devices

The current situation

I have 94 followers as of June 15th.  Be my 100th !