Sunday, May 21, 2017

My literary fiction

I'm using the word "fiction" the same way that librarians use it.  Every novel is fiction, including  Margaret Mitchell's book "Gone with the Wind", even though her inspiration was an oral history of the real events of the Civil War in America.  All of the Sherlock Holmes stories that I loved as a young man were fiction, even though the author might have known a real person who had the skills of a detective.

All of the stories that parents read to small children are fiction.

Parents have been reading stories like these to their children for a very long time.

A very long time.
I have written some fiction, too, but because my main interest is politics and political science, my stories include some names that might be familiar to you.  One story, for instance, includes a character named Obama.

As the author of literary fiction, I can invent characters and give them whatever personality traits I choose, even if a real person, with the same name, has a different personality.  This literary character, named Obama, is out-of-touch with reality.  Even though he's the American President, he doesn't feel the suffering of other people as long as he doesn't suffer personally.  I chose the character's name and his personality, and I'm perfectly within my legal rights to do so.

Another fictional story takes place at a press conference where Jan, an Arizona Governor, tells the small crowd that Christians can be discriminated against in her state.  During this event, one of her aides is standing next to her and talking to her while she speaks, the low-technology equivalent of having a news anchor reporting an on-camera story while wearing an electronic earpiece.

In 2013, a Saudi Arabian cleric said that female infants should wear the head-to-toe covering called a burka.  I wrote about this in a short essay on this blog.  No matter how ridiculous this story sounds, it is not fiction, because the cleric is a real person, and he really did make this ridiculous determination, according to this February 2013 story, which is linked in my essay.

All of the stories, including the next three, that were written by the late Tom Clancy (my current favorite author) are fiction.

... although he also wrote some non-fiction books about various types of military units, including the following books.

These are my fictional stories.

The name of each story is a clickable link to that page.
Name of the page Publication Date Summary
I am Your New President May 5, 2013 A dictator peacefully takes over America
I regret to inform you September 21, 2013 A character named Obama talks to people in Colorado from a helicopter, while their towns are suffering from a flood.
Please pray for Governor Jan Brewer March 2, 2014 The Arizona Governor talks at a press conference and an aide, standing next to her, quietly responds to her comments.
If I had a son December 22, 2014 Two members of President Obama's cabinet paraphrase the President's famous line, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin".

I have written blog pages that have titles that sound like a fiction book, but these pages have factual news articles in them.  An example is a page, published in September 2015 called The Clinton Empire Strikes Back.

This page includes this link to a September 2015 story that was published in the Orlando Sentinel.  This news story mentions "a charitable foundation" that could be the Clinton Foundation.


I finished writing "I Am Your New President" on May 3, 2013, but I delayed publishing it until May 5th, because that date is an important date in world history.  The story is in the form of an open letter to America dated May 5th.

Colorado had real floods while I was writing the second fiction piece.  The page includes real photos of real flooding in that state.

Governor Jan Brewer really did veto a law that was passed by her state legislature.  This law would have protected the right of Christians and others to operate their businesses in accordance with the principles of their religions.

No florist, baker, or photographer should be forced to participate in a gay wedding by providing their professional services, when other florists, bakers, and photographers in that same geographic area are willing to service that wedding.

Do you want to be the photographer who is ordered, by some civil rights commission, to photograph this group of children attending a gay wedding, especially if all of the people who attend this wedding, including these children, are also nudists?

Remember, if you say 'yes', you will be taking pictures of naked children.

Photographers, bakers, florists, and other professionals must have the right to say 'no' to any request.

Please excuse my passion for a blog page that isn't fiction.