Saturday, April 13, 2013

This is why this abortionist is on trial for murder

This is not just "human tissue".

This is A BABY GIRL, and he killed her.

These are the first three paragraphs of a story published 24 hours ago on the website of the Atlantic Monthly, which still prints and mails out a monthly magazine (I have a subscription).

Note: The links in the following paragraphs were in the original article.
The grand jury report in the case of Kermit Gosnell, 72, is among the most horrifying I've read. "This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy - and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors," it states. "The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wombs and bowels - and, on at least two occasions, caused their deaths."

Charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, Gosnell is now standing trial in a Philadelphia courtroom. An NBC affiliate's coverage includes testimony as grisly as you'd expect. "An unlicensed medical school graduate delivered graphic testimony about the chaos at a Philadelphia clinic where he helped perform late-term abortions," the channel reports. "Stephen Massof described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, 'literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.' He testified that at times, when women were given medicine to speed up their deliveries, 'it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.'"

One former employee described hearing a baby screaming after it was delivered during an abortion procedure. "I can't describe it. It sounded like a little alien," she testified. Said the Philadelphia Inquirer in its coverage, "Prosecutors have cited the dozens of jars of severed baby feet as an example of Gosnell's idiosyncratic and illegal practice of providing abortions for cash to poor women pregnant longer than the 24-week cutoff for legal abortions in Pennsylvania."

The babies he killed are all in heaven, because they're all innocent of any human crimes.

If Kermit Gosnel, who killed them, wants to join them there, he had better start spending a lot of time begging God to forgive him.

This is a link to a 281-page PDF-format Grand Jury report on this case.

04/18/13 update.  The last prosecution witness told the jury that he saw, as an eyewitness, ten babies breathing before Kermit Gosnel killed them.  Oh by the way, some third-trimester abortions are permitted under the "Roe vs. Wade" Supreme Court ruling.  Any baby that breathes is a baby that has a right to life.  If those parents don't want that baby, there are millions of married couples who would love to be given that baby because they can't have babies of their own.

June 22, 2016 update.
These are the first five paragraphs of a May 13, 2013 New York Times story.
PHILADELPHIA — A doctor who was responsible for cutting the spines of babies after botched abortions was convicted Monday of three counts of first-degree murder in a case that became a sharp rallying cry for anti-abortion activists.

The doctor, Kermit Gosnell, 72, operated a clinic in West Philadelphia catering to poor women that prosecutors called a “house of horrors.”

The case turned on whether the late-term pregnancies Dr. Gosnell terminated resulted in live births. His lawyer, Jack McMahon, argued that because Dr. Gosnell injected a drug in utero to stop the heart, the deliveries were stillbirths, and movements that witnesses testified to observing — a jerked arm, a cry, swimming motions — were mere spasms.

But after deliberating 10 days, the jury found Dr. Gosnell guilty in the deaths of victims known as Baby A, Baby C and Baby D. He was found not guilty of murdering Baby E.

Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty when the trial moves into the sentencing phase next Tuesday.

February 21, 2017 update.
These are the first four paragraphs of a Daily Mail (U.K.) story dated today.  The link in the first paragraph was in their story.
Superstar Will Smith was brought into this world by the most notorious abortion doctor in America, can reveal exclusively.

And now Kermit Gosnell, who is serving life in prison for running a horrific clinic, is trying to make contact with the Collateral Beauty actor in a bid to get him to take up his case.

‘I’m fond of asserting that there could never be a Men in Black if I had dropped you on your head,’ Gosnell, now 76, wrote in a letter he sent to Smith, a copy of which has been provided to

Father-of-six Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of the murder of three babies who were born alive and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient who died during a botched abortion. He agreed to a sentence of life without parole if prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.