Friday, March 22, 2013

A hard fact of life for any thief

If a thief returns the money he stole the day after he stole it, it may reduce his sentence, but it cannot reduce his guilt.

He is still guilty of the crime of theft.

In the case of Barak Obama, even if he repays the U.S. Treasury for the money he stole from it, he is still guilty of the crime of larceny.

Two recent and relevant essays:

"Barak Obama is a criminal" and "Presidential larceny totals"


Oh, by the way, Vice-President Joe Biden recently made a trip to Paris.  His expenses for one-night in a Paris hotel were more than half a million dollars.

Link to a story, dated today, March 22nd, in The Weekly Standard.

This is in addition to a trip that he made to London last month.  One hundred and thirty-six hotel rooms at The Hyatt Regency in London were used for a total of 893 "room-nights".

The total hotel bill was $459,388 (and sixty-five cents).  Link to a story, also dated today, and also in The Weekly Standard.

Together, those two trips cost taxpayers more than a million dollars.


This is the only taxpayer benefit that I can see for Mr. Biden's trips.  Unlike Michelle Obama, the Vice-President can claim that he's serving the country.

Michelle (also known as Marie Antoinette) only serves herself and her family.