Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Twitter info

I have had a Twitter account for some time, but it's not my favorite literary style.  I prefer to write essays, not short 140-character messages.  I don't read my tweets every day, but there's a good chance that I'll see your messages.  My e-mail address is available on my Blogger "about me" page, also.

If you want to send me a tweet, send it to @BennyTheKite.

I'm also registered on Gab as "David_fan_of_Ben_Franklin".  The word "Gab" is a clickable link to their site.

My Twitter handle was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin.

He was:

My personal standards for retweeting other people's messages

This is a repeat of an announcement that I have already made on Twitter.  As my personal policy on Twitter, I will not retweet certain messages.  Any message that has strong swear words will not be retweeted.  I have reluctantly retweeted messages from people who called someone else "an ass" or "a jackass", but stronger language is not acceptable to me.  Twitter may allow other swear words, but I do not.

Also, in accordance with my personal racial policy (I am color-blind), I will not retweet any message that includes a description of an individual or a group as being a member of a race.  No descriptions of anyone or any group as a "white person" or a "black person" are allowed.  No color-coded descriptions of a group of people are allowed, either.  I recently had a conversation with someone who had been a political candidate of a congressional district that he said was "majority black".  I did not retweet that message because it goes against the color-blindness that has been a part of my life for decades.

New retweeting policy as of December 2, 2015

Today, I found out that another person followed me whose Twitter account was strictly commercial.  There were no messages about any of my favorite subjects: politics, political science, or economics.  None of his messages interested me at all.  It seems that the only reason he followed me was because he believed that I would eventually retweet some of his messages, and he would get some free publicity

That was my policy for well over a year, but as of today, December 2, 2015, I am changing this policy.

Anyone is welcome to follow me on Twitter.  Anyone at all, including singers, writers, graphic artists, and anyone else who has a product to sell, but I will not retweet messages from Twitter accounts that are set up exclusively for a commercial purpose.

I will make exceptions at my own personal discretion.

The threats against the jury

I have only made one exception to this policy of not retweeting messages that include color descriptions of people or groups.  During the 2013 trial of George Zimmerman, I found a person who was tweeting threats against the jury.  As soon as I saw these messages, I looked for some way to report him to Twitter, but I didn't see any way to do it, so I began retweeting the messages verbatim, one after another, hoping that someone else knew how to notify Twitter and some law enforcement authority of the threat to this jury.

Fortunately, someone else that was reading my retweets retweeted them again to the Twitter support staff and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Less than a half-hour later, the Twitter account of the person who was making the threats was suspended.  I can only hope that someone in the F.B.I. has arrested him, but I don't have a lot of confidence that this has happened, because the F.B.I. reports to the U.S. Department of Justice, which was headed by Eric Holder at that time.  He is well-known for not prosecuting certain kinds of people.

An additional policy

[04/01/15 update.  This is not an April Fool's joke.  Someone followed my Twitter account that was posting messages about only one subject - pornography.  Every message on that account included a photo of a naked woman.  I will not retweet any message that has pornography in it.]

The names of some of my followers

Current Officeholders

Note: Within each category of office, these people are listed in the order that they followed me.  For example, Senator Cruz followed me before Senator Blunt did, so Senator Cruz is listed before Senator Blunt.  U.S. Senators will be listed before U.S. Representatives.  State Senators will be listed before State Representatives.
Name Other Information Twitter Handle
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz represents Texas Senate office website @SenTedCruz
Ted Cruz his personal Twitter account @tedcruz
U.S. Senator Roy Blunt represents Missouri Senate office website @RoyBluntMO
U.S. Representative Ann Wagner represents Missouri's 2nd District House office website @RepAnnWagner
U.S. Representative Brian Mast
First-term member of the U.S. House, representing Florida's 18th Congressional district. House office website.
U.S. Representative Diane Black Represents Tennessee's 6th District.  She was elected in 2010.  She is also a candidate for the Governor of TennesseeCampaign website. @DianeBlackTN
Gov. John Kasich Governor of Ohio and 2016 presidential candidate website @JohnKasich
Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt He began following me when he was a Missouri State Senator. campaign website @Eric_Schmitt
Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton He is also the Vice-Chair of the Texas Senate. TX Senate website @SenCreighton
Texas State Senator Don Huffines He represents Texas Senate District 16.  TX Senate website @DonHuffines
Virginia State Senator Dick Black He represents Virginia Senate District 13.  VA Senate website.  In 2014, he ran for the U.S. House, but he dropped out of that race. @SenRichardBlack
Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe He represents their 6th House District.  Link to his page on the AZ Legislature's website. @azrepbobthorpe
Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Richard Corcoran He represents their 37th House District.  Link to his page on the FL Legislature's website. @richardcorcoran
Maine State Representative Matt Harrington He represents their 19th House District.  Link to his page on the ME Legislature's website. @MattAHarrington
Arkansas State Representative Bob Ballinger He represents their 97th House District.  Link to his page on the AR Legislature's website. @Bob_Ballinger
Massachusetts State Representative Geoff Diehl He represents their 7th Plymouth District in the statehouse.  Link to his page on the MA Legislature's website. @RepGeoffDiehl
Virginia State Representative Emily Brewer Member of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 64th District.  She was elected in 2017. @BrewerForVA
Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty List of the County Commissioners, on the website of Barnstable County. @ronbeatyjr
Phoenix, AZ City Councillor Sal DiCiccio His reelection websiteHe was reelected in August 2017. @Sal_DiCiccio
Attleboro, MA City Councillor Julie Hall Julie is also a candidate for Massachusetts State Representative in the 2nd Bristol District.  A local news story about her campaign announcement.  See also Jeff Bailey, another Republican candidate for the same seat, listed under "Current Candidates for Public Office". @Hall4Rep
Stoneham, MA Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso
The website for the Board of Selectmen, which mentions her name.  She announced her candidacy for the Massachusetts House on May 31, 2018.
Sarah Steelman Commissioner of the Office of Administration in Missouri's State Government.  Link to her office website, which mentions her name. @Sarah_Steelman

Advocacy groups and journalists

All of these Twitter accounts follow my Twitter account.
The Massachusetts Tea Party my oldest follower (thanks) @MAteaparty
The Texas Republican Party
Home of US Senator Ted Cruz, State Senator Brandon Creighton, and Don Huffines
Americans For Prosperity
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, North Carolina
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Tennessee
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Colorado
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Iowa
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, New Hampshire
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Florida
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Maine
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Pennsylvania
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
AFP, Georgia
A strong voice in opposition to Obama's policies
American Spectator
Their Twitter profile says that they "provide witty political and cultural commentary from the nation's capital." Website.
Team Santorum
Rick Santorum was a 2012 presidential candidate.  The last tweet posted by this account was made January 2016.
The National Center for Public Policy Research Chairman @AmyRidenour also follows me @NationalCenter
The Daily Caller Politics Their main page is @DailyCaller @TheDCPolitics
The Convention of the States Project
This group is organizing a convention of delegates who would agree on proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Uma Pemmeraju Emmy-Award-winning Fox News Journalist @UmaPemmeraju
Carla Chamorro Contributor to Fox News from Nicaragua @CarlaChamorros
Adelle Nazarian
Politics and National Security reporter for @BreitbartNews her most recent stories
The Mass GOP Muni PAC
The full name is The Massachusetts Republican Municipal Coalition PAC
The Thomas More Society
A national not-for-profit law firm that provides pro-bono legal services. Website
Modern Masons
"Integrating Modern times with Freemasonry" Website of their oldest lodge
Jerome Corsi
Head of Washington D.C. News Bureau for Alex Jones and
U.S. Dept. of Interior one of the cabinet agencies @Interior
U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Service part of the Interior Department @USFWS

Current candidates for public office

All of these Twitter accounts follow my Twitter account.
Matt Rosedale
The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, representing the state of Montana.  Campaign website.
John Hugo
A Republican candidate for the U.S. House, in the 5th Congressional District in the state of Massachusetts.  Campaign website on Facebook.
Andy Coleman
A Republican candidate for the U.S. House in Oklahoma's first Congressional District.  Campaign website.
Texans for Abbott
Official campaign account for Texans for Greg Abbott.  Be sure to also follow Governor Abbott's personal Twitter feed at @GregAbbott_TX.  Campaign website.
James R. McMahon
The Republican candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General.  Campaign website.
John MacDonald
The Republican candidate for the 1st Middlesex district in the Massachusetts State Senate.  Campaign website.
Pina Prinzivalli
One of at least two Republican candidates for the 19th Middlesex district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  Campaign website.
Erin Buckley
Another Republican candidate for the 19th Middlesex district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  Campaign website.
Chris Beyer
The current Republican candidate for County Clerk in Osage County, Missouri.  Campaign website.
J. J. Koch Republican candidate for Dallas County Commissioner, District 2.  Campaign website. @JJKoch

Other Individuals

All of these Twitter accounts follow my Twitter account.
Lori Bartley
2016 Candidate for the U.S. House in Texas's 18th Congressional district. Campaign website.  She didn't win her race, and she deleted her old Twitter account.  She used to use @LoriBartleyTX18
Scott Rigell Former U.S. Representative from Virginia's 2nd District until January 2017. @RepScottRigell
Steve Stockman former U.S. Representative from Texas, 1995-1997 and 2013-2015. @SteveWorks4You
Garrett Love Former State Senator from Kansas. @Garrett_Love
Scott Brown
The U.S. Senate confirmed him June 8, 2017 as the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand.
Sean Hannity One of the top syndicated radio talk show hosts. @seanhannity
Michael Johns Tea Party Leader & former White House Speechwriter @michaeljohns
Jesse Columbo Forbes online columnist  His bio. @thebubblebubble
Jeff Kuhner
Radio talk show host on Boston's WRKO and columnist at the Washington Times
Anthony Scaramucci
He is a founder of a hedge fund, and he was a member of Donald Trump's transition team in 2016.  Link to his IMDb biography.
Kris Paronto U.S. Army Ranger, Benghazi survivor. lecturer, and best-selling author. @KrisParonto
MS Operator
Protection Detail Operator at Mexico Executive Protection Group
Barbara Boland CNS News Reporter @BBatdc
Melody Himel Clarke Regional Coordinator, Heritage Action @TheRightMelody
Andrew Malcolm Columnist at Investor's Business Daily @AHMalcolm
The late Amy Ridenour @AmyRidenour
Jamie Glazov Editor of Front Page Mag @JamieGlazov
Matt Batzel National Executive Director of American Majority @MattBatzel
Jesse Lee Peterson
The host of a radio talk show.  Video and audio podcasts are available.
Jesse-Jane McParland
2016 Junior World Champion, World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
Rob Maness
Candidate for the Louisiana House of Representatives, District 77, and a retired Air Force Colonel. Campaign website.  Unfortunately, he lost his race.
Jeff Bailey
He was a Republican candidates for the 2nd Bristol District seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  Julie Hall, who follows me, won the primary election.  She is listed as a "Current Officeholder" because she is an At-Large member of the Attleboro City Council.
Note: Lori Bartley and Rob Maness lost their elections.&nbsp When Emily Brewer, the winner of the race for the Virginia House of Delegates, is sworn-in in January 2018, I will move her listing to the "Current Officeholder" section.

Lori Bartley deleted her Twitter account a day or two after the election was over.  I wish that she had used it to thank her supporters and to listen to the well-wishes of the people who voted for her, but she chose not to do that.  I think it was a bad decision, but it's her decision.

Followers with a lot of followers

All of these people follow me, and they all have more than 100,000 followers.  They are listed by the number of their followers, highest first.  Most of these people appear in other categories.
Sean Hannity
3.67 million
One of the top syndicated radio talk show hosts. @seanhannity
Ted Cruz
3.23 million
his personal Twitter account @tedcruz
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
1.1 million
represents Texas Senate office website @SenTedCruz
Gov. John Kasich
Governor of Ohio and 2016 presidential candidate website @JohnKasich
Anthony Scaramucci
He is a founder of a hedge fund, and he was a member of Donald Trump's transition team in 2016.  Link to his IMDb biography. @Scaramucci
Ryan Fournier
Chairman of Students for Trump and former political commentator on Fox News.  Link to his Instagram account. @RyanAFournier
Uma Pemmeraju
Emmy-Award-winning Fox News Journalist @UmaPemmeraju
Michael Johns
National Tea Party movement co-founder and leader. Former White House speechwriter and Heritage policy analyst. @michaeljohns
Nat Shupe
Affiliated with the U.S. Freedom Army @NatShupe
Chris Stamper
His self-description doesn't mention it, but I think he's a contributor to Wired Magazine. @CStamper_
There's no self-description. This account sends out tweets on a wide variety of subjects. @fact143
Kris Paronto
U.S. Army Ranger, survivor of the Benzhazi massacre, lecturer, and best-selling author.  The Ranger Way on Amazon.
Nick Short
Security Studies Group and Michelle Malkin Investigates.
Jerome Corsi
Head of Washington D.C. News Bureau for Alex Jones and Infowars @jerome corsi
Matt Batzel
National Executive Director of American Majority @MattBatzel
Michael Moates
Contributor to the Washington Examiner.  Link to his most recent articles. @fact143

These people and organizations have followed me in the past.

Montel Williams
The host of one of the longest-running talk shows on television.  Emmy winner in 1996.
The Washington Examiner Recent headline: Carson: No Syrian Refugees in the U.S., should help Jordan instead @DCExaminer
Dave Brown Senior Editor at the Washington Examiner @dave_brown24
American Majority They train people to become politically active. @Am_National
Derek Cressman
The current Democrat candidate for the 6th district in the California State Senate.  Campaign website.
Gavi Shapiro
A Republican candidate for State Representative in Georgia House District 52.  Campaign website.
Jenny Beth Martin Co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots @jennybethm
Leslie Marshall
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host who streams her show on
Kris Gutierrez
Former national correspondent for Fox News, now working for KXAS-TV in Fort Worth, Texas.
John Grisham Best-selling author.  He followed me twice. @JohnGrisham
The Daily Caller Recent headline: Media rushes to blame Christians, Republicans for Planned Parenthood shooting @DailyCaller
Team Ted Cruz 2016
This account is controlled by his campaign staff.  The last post was July 20, 2016.
Linda Wang Professional actress.  IMDB listing. @LoveLindaWang
Aurelia Scheppers Professional actress.  IMDB listing. @aureliasaid
Alfons Lôpez Tena
The current leader of the separatist movement in Spain.  An Op-Ed he wrote about Catalonia.
Michele McPhee Emmy-nominated Investigative Reporter, Author, ABC News Producer. @MicheleMcPhee
Everette Taylor Chief Marketing Officer for Skurt  More information about him is here. @Everette

I am now followed by two apparent fan clubs of The Beatles, the best musical group in history!  One Twitter account is @beatlssa.  There is another Twitter account, also called The Beatles, and they also follow me, but their Twitter account is @TBeatlesWorld.  I follow both of them, and I don't follow everybody who follows me.

I have said it in the past, and I said it again today (March 6, 2015) on my Twitter account.
None of the musical groups that existed during the past 40 years have produced this kind of enthusiasm in their fans.

The number of my followers is not accurate

In the middle of December 2013, I had about 235 followers.  They were following me at the rate of about two or three a day.  I was happy with this.  I have been rewarding new followers by retweeting some of their messages, and if I get 2-3 new followers a day, I can keep up with that pace and thank each one individually.

But then, I was away from Twitter for a few days.

When I came back and logged back on, I saw that I had over ten thousand new followers.  I tried hard to think what I could have done on Twitter or this blog to earn ten thousand new followers in a few days.

In a desperate effort to learn more, I started looking at some of these followers, and I started seeing two patterns.
  1. Many of these new followers had not sent out an original tweet in years.
  2. Many of these people had names that sounded Spanish.
I came to the conclusion that many of these people, perhaps even the overwhelming majority of them, had died, and that someone else had figured out some way to get the Twitter account of a dead person to "follow" someone.

Few of these strange new followers have corresponded sent me any tweets, and none of them have replied to anything I've written, which gives me even more reason to believe that they're literally the account of a dead person.

Since December, I still get about two or three new followers a day, on average, and I still reward them by retweeting some of their recent messages, but I would really like to have a private talk with whoever dumped those ten thousand dead accounts on me.