Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boycott Sky News (U.K.)

When it was time to stand up and be counted, honoring the victims of a Muslim massacre, they sat down.

This video was uploaded to YouTube today, January 14, 2015.

The newscaster apologized to any Muslims who might have been offended by seeing the magazine cover, but she did not apologize to the families of the people who were killed by Muslims in Paris just a few days ago.

Boycott these Twitter accounts

@SkyNews @SkyNewsBreak @SkyNewsHD
@SkyNewsHQ @SkyFootball @SkySpiortsLFS

Boycott their online news

Sky News Online, including their U.K., U.S., Austalian, and World news headlines.

Boycott their streaming sports news also.  No, I won't provide any links.  If you're a subscriber, cancel your subscription.  The victims of the violent Muslims in Paris will thank you from Heaven.