Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Citizen Corps local branches, part 3

These are the names of local Citizen Corps councils with internet addresses that end in numbers from 101-179

Council numbers 101, 104, and 150 had hidden information.  When I looked at those pages, I saw a blank page with the FEMA and the Citizen Corps Council logos at the top of the page.

See for yourself.  Copy and paste this address into your browser:

Council Number Council Name
102 Duval County (FL) Emergency Preparedness Planning Council
105 Worcester (MA) Citizen Corps
107 Leominster (MA) Citizen Corps
110 Ponca City (OK) Citizen Corps
111 Mayes County (OK) Citizen Corps Council
112 City of Sand Springs (OK) Area Citizen Corps Council
113 Bristow (OK) Emergency Management
116 Placentia (CA) Freedom Corps
118 City of Enid (OK) Citizen Corps Council
119 Custer County (OK) Emergency Management Council
120 Huron County (OH) Citizen Corps
121 City of Muskogee (OK) Emergency Management
122 Washita County (OK) Commissioners
123 Stillwater (OK) Emergency Response Team
125 DeSoto County (MS) Emergency Management Agency
126 Southwest Louisiana Area Citizen Corps Council
128 Freehold-Caro-E. Durham-Greenville (NY) Citizen Corps Council
146 Chanesville (PA) Citizen Corps Council
148 Jasper County (TX) Citizen Corps Coordinating Council
152 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Note: This contact

person is a FEMA Emergency Management Supervisor.)

153 White River Valley (WA) Citizen Corps Council
159 Montgomery County (MD) Citizen Corps Council
168 Nantucket (MA) Citizen Security Commission
169 Columbiana County (OH) (EMA)
176 Claremore-Rogers County (OK) L.E.P.C.
177 Hardee County (FL) Citizen Corps
178 McIntosh County (OK) Emergency Services
179 Laguna Niquel (CA) Public Safety Committee