Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Citizen Corps local branches, part 2

The first part of this list was published about an hour ago, in an essay called Marxists in America.

Here are the names of all the publicly-available local Citizen Corps councils up to internet addresses that end in "100".  They all obey the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which obeys the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which obeys the Marxist-in-Chief, Barak Obama.

A few of these councils have hidden their information from the public, as shown by blank pages instead of missing pages.  For example,when I looked up council numbers 70, 83, 89, and 91, I saw a blank page, with the FEMA and the Citizen Corps logos at the top of the page.
Council Number Council Name
031 Citizen Corps Council of Broken Arrow (OK)
034 McKenzie Valley (OR) Citizen Corps
035 Sterling Heights (MI) Citizen Corps
040 Aurora (CO) Local Emergency Planning Committee
042 Morongo Valley (CA) Citizen Corps Council
043 Durham County (NC) Local Emergency Planning Committee
045 Multnomah County (OR) Citizen Corps Council
047 Mercer County (OH) Citizen Corps Council
049 Sarasota (FL) Citizen Corps Council
053 Miami County (OH) Citizen Corps Council
056 Conway-Severn (NC) Volunteer Rescue
061 Posey County, Southwest Indiana Disaster Rescue Citizen Council
062 Josephine County (OR) Citizen Corps Council
063 Auglaize County (OH) Citizen's Council
065 York County (ME) Citizen Corps Council
066 Omaha (NE) Police Department Crime Prevention Unit
068 Tippecanoe County (IN) Citizen Corps Council
071 Taylorsville (UT) Safety Committee
072 Emergency Services Coordinating Agency (located in Brier, WA)
076 Wood Dale (IL) Citizen Corps Council
078 Redmond (WA) Citizen Corps Council
079 Mississippi County (AR) Emergency Operations Council
080 Clark County (WA) Fire District 11
081 Town of Oro Valley (AZ) Citizen Corps Council
084 Sierra County (NM) Local Emergency Planning Committee
090 Hallandale Beach (FL) Citizen Corps Council
092 Town of Secaucus (NJ) Citizen Corps
093 Curry County (OR) Citizens for Emergency Preparedness
097 Hainesville (IL) Citizen Corps Council
098 Tuscarawas County (OH) Citizen Corps Council)