Sunday, November 15, 2015

President Obama recognizes a higher power

... and some people wonder why so many Americans want to see him replaced.

Link to my July 2012 essay Sample Articles of Impeachment, found on my main blog.  It mentions and documents unconstitutional nominations to questionable agencies, larceny, economic sabotage, and treason, but the page wasn't large enough to include the negligent homicide that was committed by him and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Benghazi, Libya.

Link to the summary of this list of impeachable offenses, found on this blog.

Link to my June 2013 essay An inconvenient truth, which explains, in detail, a Constitutional (and thus legal) procedure to remove any U.S. President from the White House.

Link to my May 2014 essay Mister President, it is time to leave.  It shows why being the U.S. President is a difficult job, and it shows why someone with a mental illness (like Obama's narcissism) is unfit for presidential duty.  The essay mentions Gaby Giffords, who wisely resigned her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives after she was shot in the head.

Link to my September 2014 essay Presidents must be accountable to their people.  It states a truth that is hard for some people to accept.  Mental illness can happen to anybody, even the U.S. President.

Link to my November 2014 essay A letter from a veteran to his Commander-in-Chief.  The letter was copied, verbatim and complete, from the Facebook page of a man who lost three limbs during his military service in Iraq.  He wrote a very eloquent letter condemning President Obama for his failure as a leader of combat troops.  My essay also includes a reminder that any U.S. president can be legally removed from the White House if he is declared unfit for duty using the Constitutional procedure that was mentioned in previous essays named on this page.