Thursday, December 3, 2015

Refugee roulette

This is the headline of a story dated September 5, 2015 in the U.K. Daily Mail.

More violent clashes in Lesbos as police struggle to cope with thousands of desperate migrants rushing to Greek Island before entering mainland Europe 

The news story says that 15,000 people have already arrived in that Greek island (Lesbos), hoping to leave there and enter Europe, where they will, I'm sure, cause more trouble with every law enforcement agency there.

Thousands of these invaders, masquerading as "Syrian refugees", have already arrived in America, thanks to the determined efforts of our Muslim President Barak Obama, who is hiding their religious status and even their travel plans from the Governors of our states.

Link to a story dated November 19, 2015 on the CNN website that says that more than half of our 50 Governors will refuse to admit any of these "refugees".