Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another reply to a GOP fundraising letter

This is the third time I have sent a reply to one of these letters and the third time that I transcribed my reply into a blog page.

This is the letter that was e-mailed to me on June 29, 2016.  I copied and pasted it into this blog page.

It came from an e-mail address called, named for Dan Bongino, who is a candidate for the U.S. House in the 19th Congressional District in Florida, but the author of the letter is U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

Note: The "Donate" button that is included in this letter is clickable, if you're foolish enough to give money to someone who won't thank you by performing one act as a member of Congress to stop an evil man like Barak Hussein Obama.


In 2010, I was elected to the United States Senate by people like you.

You, the conservative army. You who saw big-government gaining more and more power. You who fought against the abandonment of our Constitution.

You who banded together and formed the largest movement of grassroots conservatives this country has seen since 1776.

Dan Bongino was one of you then. He still is. He was with you at the start of this fight and he's never left you since.

That is why I am proud to endorse his run for United States Congress.

Yesterday, Dan launched a conservative money-bomb. Big-government elites of both parties don't want another no-nonsense, conservative warrior in Congress- and they're doing everything in their power to make sure he loses.

Conservatives came through- this is no surprise. But Dan is still $11,000 short of the End-of-Quarter deadline, and he must make it up by midnight tomorrow or his entire campaign is in jeopardy.

I'm asking you to help me fight back against the Washington Establishment, just as Dan did for me in 2010, when they tried to stop me from winning too.

He must raise $11,000 before the June 30th deadline to show his campaign can continue forward.

Humbly, I ask you join me in supporting a fellow patriot who fights for limited government, personal liberty and a return to Constitutional order:

Dan believes in American exceptionalism. He has spent his life defending it, first as a police officer, then as as agent in the United States Secret Service. He is a husband and father- a man of great faith and love of country.

He is also a standout among a new generation of conservative leaders.

He has fought side-by-side with the grassroots from day one. He helped elect people like me to the Senate when the media and the elites did everything in their power to disparage the Tea Party.

We need fighters like him in Congress- men of action, not men of words.

For America,
Mike Lee

When I replied, I used a large font, which is replicated here.  Every word you see here was sent in my reply to that e-mail address.  I can only hope that both House Candidate Dan Bongino and his friend, Senator Mike Lee read my words.

As a conservative, I hate the fact that
  • Obama thinks like a dictator.
  • he has politicized nationwide tragedies.
  • he has increased racial tensions.
  • he has used his agencies to fine and regulate U.S. businesses so harshly, they don't have any money to grow the U.S. economy.
  • he has ignored the genocide of Christians in the Middle East.
  • he has broadcast our military strategy and sometimes our tactics in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other countries where shooting wars are being fought, so that our enemies will know how to defend themselves against us.

As a conservative, I DEMAND that the Republicans in the House and Senate take action NOW to stop him from hurting our nation even more than he has done already.

If you want our money so badly, EARN IT with your actions, GOD DAMN IT !!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The A.C.L.U. and the mother

For the benefit of my international readers, the A.C.L.U. is an acronym for an advocacy group called the American Civil Liberties Union.  This page has frequently asked questions about this organization.

These are the first nine paragraphs of a May 31, 2016 article on the website Lifesite News.  The two links in these paragraphs were in their article.
The African-American woman who leads a state chapter of the ACLU has resigned, citing her own daughters' “frightened” reaction to biological males using the women's restroom.

The organization's increasing focus on legislating the transgender lobby's concerns pushed Maya Dillard Smith, interim director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, to tender her resignation.

“I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices, entered,” she wrote.

“My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer,” she continued.

In a statement, she said that the ACLU has become “a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights.”

The “hierarchy of rights” the ACLU chooses to defend or ignore, she wrote, is “based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities." She did not elaborate on the group's funding.

Dillard Smith is no conservative. She earned a degree in economics from Berkeley and a masters degree at Harvard, while working for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court.

She is a 2003 graduate of the program Emerge America, which states its “goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.”

But this self-described “progressive” who called herself “unapologetically black” cannot go along with the ACLU's transgender legal agenda.

This is the link to the Georgia branch of the A.C.L.U.

The video on the left shows Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviewing Maya Dillard Smith, the statewide head of the A.C.L.U. in Georgia.

Listen to what this mother said after one minute and 35 seconds:

My children were visibly frightened.

This video was uploaded by Fox News to YouTube on June 2, 2016.
A website called Political Forum reprinted the Lifesite article.  A website called Reddit linked to the Lifesite article and posted hundreds of comments from their subscribers.  Most of the clickable websites listed below include a link to the Lifesite article.  They are listed in chronological order.
May 31, 2016 Georgia Voice June 1, 2016 Women of Grace
June 1, 2016 Power Line Blog June 1, 2016 Christian Examiner
June 2, 2016 Downtrend June 2, 2016 Conservative Tribune
June 2, 2016 Breitbart June 2, 2016 New York Post
June 2, 2016 Weasel Zippers reprinted the Powerline Blog June 2, 2016 Louder with Crowder
(a Podcast link but no written article)
June 2, 2016 Daily Caller June 2, 2016 Conservative Review
June 2, 2016 NewsMax June 2, 2016 Charlotte (N.C.) Observer
June 2, 2016 California Political Review June 2, 2016 Western Journalism
June 2, 2016 Right Wing News June 2, 2016 Independent Sentinel
June 2, 2016 Nebraska Family Alliance June 3, 2016 Snopes
June 3, 2016 Christian Broadcast Network June 4, 2016 The Christian Times
On the night of June 5-6, 2016, around 12:45am, I searched the New York Times for "Georgia ACLU".  There were no stories in their newspaper about this issue.

I then searched the Los Angeles Times for "Georgia ACLU".  They had no stories about this issue.

I then searched the Chicago Sun-Times.  They also had no stories.

None of these newspapers had a story about the resignation of the Georgia branch of the ACLU:
The Denver Post,
The Detroit Free Press,
The Boston Globe,
The Dallas Morning News,
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
The Kansas City Star,
The Cleveland Plain-Dealer,
The Cincinnati Inquirer,
The Miami Herald,
The Indianapolis Star,
Fort Worth Star-Telegram,
The Detroit News,
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel,
The Bowling Green Times,
The Arizona Republic, or
The Oklahoman.

I even searched the Wall Street Journal on Monday, June 6th, and there were no results of my search for "Georgia ACLU" either.

This cartoon accurately describes what happened to the Chairwoman of the Georgia A.C.L.U. when she took her daughters into a public rest room.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a newspaper that is headquartered in Georgia, didn't put a story in their paper until June 4th, and it wasn't even a real story, just a writer's blog, written by Greg Bluestein (@Bluestein on Twitter).  He is a political reporter for the paper, but the "story" was in the blog section of the website, not the news section.

These are the first paragraphs of the June 2, 2016 New York Post story.  The link to that story has been provided above.
Crusading for “gender identity” rights just lost the American Civil Liberties Union its Georgia director.

Maya Dillard Smith resigned while complaining that the ACLU has become “a special-interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights.”

She was one of just three African-Americans running a state chapter. She’s also a mom — which provided her breaking point.

These are most of the last three paragraphs of the same story.  I will let the New York Post have the last word on this issue, at least for now.
[The A.C.L.U.] insists on the absolute right to use the restrooms (and locker rooms) of the gender you “identify” with — no matter how hostile an environment that might create for others.

The “hierarchy of rights” the ACLU opts to protect, she charges, is “based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

Here’s to one progressive who insists on putting principle ahead of the paymasters.