Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Terrorists in the White House

Roger Cohen said in the New York Times on October 22, 2012 that the Muslim Brotherhood is very friendly with high-level officials in the American government.

David Ignatius said in The Investor's Business Daily on December 11, 2012 that President Obama was "The Muslim Brotherhood's best friend", even though many people who live in Egypt and other countries are protesting against the dictatorial policies and procedures of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi.

The investigative project on terrorism said it five days ago.  Their report was based on a December 22, 2012 article in Egypt's "Rose El-Youssef" online magazine.

The TC-Palm, an online journal of news that affects Florida's Palm Beach area, said it a few hours ago.  They say very explicitly that President Obama is shipping American-made tanks and other weapons to this terrorist group, despite the fact that they say to their own people that they do not want the weapons.  There is a real worry that these weapons could be used to kill our own soldiers someday.

Al-Arabiya reported four days ago that two Egyptian lawyers complained that the Muslim Brotherhood took 10 billion Egyptian pounds (worth $1.5 billion U.S. dollars) from the U.S., with the "blessing" of President Obama.  The Egyptian Prosecutor-General ordered an immediate investigation.  I want an immediate investigation as to why this President is spending so much money on non-Americans when our debt is already perilously close to the statutory debt limit.

William Bigelow wrote on Brieitbart on August 6, 2012 that President Obama is not objecting to the installation of Sharia Law in this country, as advocated by Islamist activists.

The day after President Obama was re-elected, CBS reported this:

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood feels that the only foreign policy change Obama can bring is by “accepting the will of the Arab people.”

“We must rely on ourselves and on our resources and build our country,” Issam Al-Aryan, a top Muslim Brotherhood official, said, according to The Times of Israel.

“In the absence of direct American influence, Egypt can affect and lead the process of building a democratic and constitutional regime that will become a dream for African and the southern hemisphere.”

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood wants to make Shariah Law the main source of the country’s new constitution.

Terror group Hamas is calling for Obama not to be “biased” toward Israeli interests during his second term.

Muslims, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood and similarly violent organizations, are still visiting the White House in 2015.  Link to a story dated February 7, 2015 on the Breitbart website.

It looks to me like President Obama cares more about the Muslim Brotherhood than he does about his own American people, who believe in many faiths, whose ancestors came from many countries, and who have a wide variety of political, social, and economic beliefs.

American presidents have a Constitutional obligation to represent all of us, not just those who wish to create a country with Muslim fundamentalists controlling our policies.

It is too late to vote for a different candidate, but it is not too late to impeach him for his many crimes against the Constitution and against the American people, including his total disregard of the will of the American people.  There are already more than 40 possible Articles of Impeachment that I listed, and his crimes are continuing.

December 19, 2015 update.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on January 28, 2015.

The running time is 9 minutes and 20 seconds.  The featured speaker is introduced during the first minute and 30 seconds.  He spoke at the National Press Club.
This text accompanies the video.

During a press conference on how to combat radical Islamic extremism, Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, stated that under the leadership of Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated all of the National Security Agencies of the United States.