Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick may be moving to Wash.

His Massachusetts home is on the market.  His asking price is $1,500,000.


The Boston Globe

The Boston Herald

The West Roxbury Patch Note: West Roxbury is part of the City of Boston.


I think he is preparing to accept a job working for the President.

During the recent election season, Governor Patrick made speeches for the President.  Many of those speeches also attacked Mitt Romney, who was himself the Massachusetts Governor once.

Some of those trips took him out of Massachusetts, and while he was out of this state (I live in Massachusetts), he was criticized for his absence and for his lack of attention to Massachusetts problems.  Here's a column in the online Boston Globe saying that very explicitly.


Governor Patrick, like a good Democrat, is working hard to stress our state budget by allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition at state colleges.  That may be his biggest attraction to a stressful President.

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I hope Governor Patrick leaves, so that the illegal immigrants in this state will either pay out-of-state rates or even better, just leave.