Saturday, December 27, 2014

Orlando wiped out one category of crime with one program

Blog articles

Women and Guns, written by Michael S. Brown

Google's Self-Protection site, including statistics on crimes where the victim has a weapon

Carolina Journal ONline 2007 article

The N.R.A.'s Institute for Legislative Action.  This page includes the text of an amendment to the Florida state constitution.

The N.R.A.'s home page of programs and services for women

Handgun training for women, a page of a website run by a firearms school in Tennessee.'s page that discusses the best kind of firearms for women.   Six weapons are named on the page.

Commercial websites

Gun Training Florida

Friends of the N.R.A., Florida Chapter.  This is a fundraising organization, and it lists fundraising events that are being held in Florida.  This website has a clickable list of shooting ranges in Florida.

Range Listings.  Another list of shooting ranges in the state.

USA Carry.  Another list of shooting ranges in the state.

The Well-Armed Woman sells DVDs of firearms-based training tips

Woman of Caliber sells a training course.

Gun Goddess, an online store that sells firearms accessories like holsters made for women's clothing.

Trend Hunter, an online store that sells weapons (including firearms) that have been personalized for female owners.  Yes, they have pink pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

The Concealment Shop, which specializes in handbags that are made to hold a handgun.