Friday, July 12, 2013

Boycott Jay-Z. Don't buy any of his products!

He said "the N-word" (three times) in "H.O.V.A."

Note: He also says n***as and b****.

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He said "the N-word" in "Can I get a ..."

Note: He also says s***, b****es, n***as, and f***ed.

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Justice for Paula !!

He said "the N-word" in "99 Problems"

Note: He also says s***, b**** (four times in the verses and twice more in each chorus), a**, and a**h***.

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Oh by the way, he said G*dd***it, s*** (twice), bulls***, f*** (twice), and f***ing in Open Letter.

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Paula Deen deserves justice. If you're going to boycott her for saying "the N-word", then boycott Jay-Z too, because he said it many times.

If you're willing to buy his music and willing to hear him say that word two or three times in one piece of rap music, knowing that he has other rap "songs" with the same word in them, knowing that he says other swear words in those other songs, and knowing that he has never apologized for anything that he has said, then buy her brand-name products, too.

She only said the word once.

Paula Deen products
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10/05/14  update.  Paula is expected to launch a new digital television network.  Link to the June 11, 2014 announcement in the lifestyle section of Businessweek.