Monday, December 7, 2015

To blame or not to blame, that is the question

The right answer is a consistent policy.

Consistency is often a necessary ingredient when solving complex issues.

If President Obama believes that wealthy people should pay more in taxes, then he should ensure that wealthy members of his own party (including the two wealthiest Americans, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) also pay more.

If, on the other hand, Obama believes that wealthy people (like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) should pay a more moderate tax rate, then that tax rate should also be available to wealthy Republicans, America's other party.

This policy represents consistency, which in turn represents the fairness that Obama has said, repeatedly, that he wants in many of his policies.  Fairness was implicit in the speech he made last night (December 6, 2015) when he said that people who are too dangerous to become airplane passengers should also be legally considered too dangerous to buy a gun.

Any consistently fair policy regarding the identification of terrorists would either include Muslims or else, it would exclude uniformed police officers, as shown in the photo above.

Thank you to Dr. Marty Fox, whose Twitter account provided the above photo on December 7, 2015.  His account is @DrMartyFox

The words "To be or not to be" are part of a Shakespeare play called Hamlet.

This video is part of a movie that is based on the play.

Lawrence Olivier plays the Danish king in this movie.

He was chosen to be a member of Great Britain's House of Lords, but he preferred to be known for his knighthood, as Sir Lawrence Olivier.

The entry for him in Encyclopedia Britanica.

The entry for him on the Biography Channel.

Fairness also means that when a British man has accomplished as much as he has, there should be an entry for him in the Encyclopedia Britannica and on the Biography Channel.

Fairness also means that when a large percentage of the Muslims in any country violently demands the world-wide acceptance of Sharia Law and other aspects of Muslim culture, then that nation's elected government should consider them to be trouble-makers, not members of a peaceful religion.

Link to my January 2013 essay The religion of peace is not peaceful or tolerant.

If the set of photos that are re-printed at the top of this page is an accurate portrayal of President Obama's inconsistent policies, then he is being unfair, either by criticizing the police unfairly or by not criticizing violent Muslims when they should be criticized.

To blame or not to blame.  That is the question he must answer if he is to be truly called a fair president.  The only alternative is to be called a biased president and unfair by the very definition of the word.