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Readership Statistics

Total number of readers: 11,062 as of August 9, 2016.

This blog does not have as much readership as my other blogs, but I want my readers to know the names of the most popular essays so that they can find them with the help of these links, read them, and send links to these essays to their friends.

I have a separate page on this blog that lists the 20 most popular essays on all six of my blogs combined, but this page is dedicated to the essays on this blog.

This list will be updated once a year.  The last update was September 15, 2015.

The ten most well-read essays on this blog

Name of Essay Readers
My 20 most popular essays 1,517
Two of my seven blogs have most of the essays, and
those two blogs also get most of the readership.
This blog page lists the 20 essays, on all of my 7 blogs,
that have the largest number of readers.  However,
this page also lists the four most well-read pages
on the other five blogs, including this one.

My Twitter information 563
This page includes a statement of my standards for
retweeting messages, and it also includes a list of some
of the people who follow my Twitter account, including
members of Congress and past presidential candidates.

Summary of the Sample Articles of Impeachment 497
This is a summary of another essay on another blog.
That essay is a long list of President Obama's impeachable
offenses, which is one of the most popular pages on any
of my blogs.  This essay includes a clickable link to that essay.

Why I am a Republican 267
This page includes a YouTube video of a state legislator
named Elbert Guillory.  He is a State Senator in Louisiana.
He says why he switched from the Democrat Party.
His reasoning is hard to disagree with, partly because
he talks in a calm, quiet voice without strong emotion.

Now you know why college is so expensive 234
This blog page was inspired by a photo of a U.S. Senator
who is a hypocrite.  The photo, with the caption on it,
was spotted on my Twitter account.  I copied and pasted it
onto an empty blog page and added a short explanation.

Voter identification prevents voter fraud 244
This essay compares voters in the United States with
voters in other countries, including India and Mexico,
that must show identification when they vote.  India
has over a billion people, yet their voters all have an
identification card, and Mexican voters also have them.

Seeing racism and sexism where it doesn't exist 216
This essay is based on my personal experience attending
a chess club at a public library many years ago.

Richard Nixon's second impeachment article 187
He was accused of telling the I.R.S. to attack his political enemies.
The current President has done the same thing.

This gun saved lives 173
On January 3, 2013, a man broke into a Georgia house.
A woman and two small children were inside at the time.
She called police and her husband.  He told her to hide
herself and the children in the attic, but he also told her
to use his handgun to shoot the intruder if he found her
and the children in the attic.  The intruder did find her,
and she did shoot him, thus saving herself and the two
small children.  The gun saved all three of them.

A message for Kevin 149
This page is based on a political cartoon that shows a boy
in a school classroom who is refusing to stand for the
Pledge of Allegiance.  In the cartoon, the teacher tells
Kevin that she respects his view, but there is a man who
is sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a military uniform
who is unable to stand because he defended Kevin's rights
even though it cost him his health.  The page also
mentions Major General Harold Greene, killed in Afghanistan.

Important note

When I first published this page, there was a list of the five most recent essays on this blog.  I intended to update that list every time I published a new essay, but there is an index of this blog that makes it easy to find out the names of the recent essays.

Also worth reading on this blog

The U.S. Senate is voting on legislation THEY HAVEN'T READ

Terrorists in the White House There are multiple sources of this information.

Poor economic choices by our President

This page was written in August 2013.  At that time, there were wildfires in Idaho.  This is documented with a story in Politico.  Fighting wildfires is a task that frequently requires many man-hours, expensive equipment, and the expensive transportation of men and equipment, yet at the same time, President Obama delivered a large amount of our money to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was at the time in control of the Egyptian government.  This is documented with an article on the website of the Cato Institute and a news story on a Trubune.Media newspaper.

19,000 documented cases of welfare abuse

Water Economics for students

This page was written on July 26, 2016.  At that time, my essay "Water Economics" on my main blog was receiving thousands of readers daily, and from many different countries around the world.  I wrote this page for students in elementary schools and middle schools, so that they would understand how the scientific principles that they were learning in school could be applied to the problem of the drought in California.  This same concept, using science to solve a problem that affects a large economy, is the basic concept of the original 2012 blog page "Water Economics'.

The ten nations that have sent the most visitors to this blog

These are the names and the numbers since I began writing this blog on December 10, 2012.

The names of these countries and their readership numbers have been verified by Google.

This part of this page will be updated whenever I update the list of the ten most popular essays.

Country Visitors
United States 5,025
Russia 243
Germany 237
France 198
Romania 101
United Kingdom 72
Canada 44
Ukraine 40
India 34
Poland 27