Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update on my 100th Twitter follower

The essay that mentioned a contest and my Twitter followers was published before I had 100 followers on Twitter.  Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have enough followers to push me over that milestone.  At the moment, I have 145 followers.

My 100th Twitter follower is named Upstate Criminals.  This is the person who I have chosen to have early access to a special essay.

The essay wasn't finished when this Twitter follower became my 100th follower, but I finished writing the essay yesterday.

The essay accuses President Obama of taking actions that harm his own country and mine.  Under United States law, he could be arrested and charged with a very serious crime called Treason.

Treason is usually defined as taking actions that "give aid and comfort" to one of this nation's enemies.  The essay names one country as being one of America's enemies (with documentation of that statement) and it says that Barak Obama, at the end of 2011, gave aid and comfort to that country.  I document those actions as well.

I began writing this essay more than a week ago.  I finished it yesterday, as I said.

Soon after I finished writing the essay, I logged onto Twitter and sent a message to Upstate Criminals, telling him that he should contact me.  As a condition of his early access to this essay, I also required that he be a subscriber to my "Conserving the Nation" blog.  That is the blog that will publish the essay.

I have not heard from that Twitter follower yet.  I can only guess why he has not contacted me so far.

I sent him a message, also visible to all my other followers, saying that if he did not contact me by Monday morning (July 29), I would publish the essay anyway, and he would lose the privilege of early access.

The essay took a long time to write.  It includes a video and a few photographs.  Most of my essays also have several links.  This essay also includes several links.

President Obama is a dangerous man to be in control of the White House and all of its' power.  It is my strong hope that many Americans will read that essay and be so outraged at his treasonous actions that they write to their representatives in Congress, urging them to begin the impeachment process that is in our Constitution.

Obama's popularity ratings are very low, but I am not satisfied, because he still has the power to order many U.S. Government agencies to take actions that hurt this country and its' citizens.  This is something that he has been doing ever since he was first sworn in, January 2009.

Obama can also order the U.S. military, as the civilian Commander-in-Chief, to take actions that harm them, even without the formal approval of a Congressional Declaration of War.  He has already used U.S. military forces against Libya when no declaration had been provided to him by the U.S. Congress.  That alone should have been grounds for impeaching him.

President Obama must be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, Convicted by the U.S. Senate, and forced to remove himself from the power of the White House, power that he has abused ever since he became president in 2009.

Whether my new essay is published today or Monday, it will help in this very worthwhile goal.

Barak Obama, save my nation the embarassment of an impeachment.


[August 10, 2013 update.   I tried many times to contact my 100th Twitter follower in order to give him the early access to that essay, but he never followed up on my repeated attempts.   I then contacted another follower of my Twitter account, someone who is also a member of the U.S. Congress, but he also didn't respond to my attempt to give him early access to the essay.  Finally, I published the essay called "Barak Obama is a traitor to his country"on Monday, July 29th]