Sunday, November 23, 2014

We're having extra guests for Thanksgiving

Thank you, Gary Varvel.

This editorial cartoon was originally published in an online newspaper run by the Indianapolis Star.

After this cartoon was seen by the public, a few people complained, as some people always do when a politically-incorrect viewpoint is aired.

The newspaper changed the cartoon by removing the moustache from the man who was climbing in the window, and the newspaper moved the cartoon to a different part of the website.

This is increasing evidence that the only viewpoint that will be seen by a large percentage of America is the politically correct viewpoint.

I haven't been politically correct since I began blogging.  Link to an essay I wrote in July 2012 called The End of Racism.  This essay proves that race is a meaningless concept.  That's the reason why racism will end.

Fortunately for me, I don't have to kneel down when I meet the editor of a newspaper.

If you think this cartoon is racist, please tell me which race is being discriminated against, and please tell me what makes you think that any of the characters in this political cartoon are members of this race.

Link to a web page that really is racist because of a difference in clothing styles and skin colors.  The web page is also sexist because one character is male and the other one is female.  By the way, where is the second world in their diagram?  It's apparently as invisible as the middle class in America, and just as useless to the radical leftists.

A group of people who work for other people and who receive a moderate amount of income for the work that they do are a bridge from poverty to wealth, but hard-core radical leftists hate wealthy people, so they don't want anyone to know that it is possible to go from poverty to wealth through hard work.

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